About Global Ports Forum

About The Global Ports Forum

Dear industry colleagues

We observed that by the 2000s, local ports are increasingly connected to the global economy.

IoT had touched ports.

Ports are getting more globalised in their businesses, impacts and influences on their regions. Whether the region concerned is Africa, Europe, Asia or America, ports today are part of networks. For transhipment hubs like Singapore, global supply chain disruptions and strategic realignment influence port activities profoundly.

From the cosmopolitan global port city of Singapore, we took the entrepreneurial decision in 2008 to found and launch the Global Ports Forum.

We have a Dream.

Our dream is one day GPF will become the reference space of dialogue and collaborations for ports by ports people –

THE World’s reference space of people, content and platforms for ports & terminals.

In small steps, we hope our industry colleagues could trust us & come together in locations around the globe and make this happen – a definitive forum for ports by ports people.

Global Ports Forum Pte Ltd
(GPF) is committed to improving global ports and furthering the interests of ports globally!

GPF offers an overview of emerging trends in the ports industry covering ports, harbours and terminals across the globe.

The Global Ports Forum collaborates with Port Authorities around the world, today bring together members from the ports ecosystem and organises quality port related events, executive workshops and short courses.

We also work in collaboration with our senior port experts to provide port consultancy services, feasibility studies, survey and research,

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Ng
Global Port Singapore

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